It's always nice to get to know your Mayor, City Council and the Administration that make Sandy a stellar place to live, vacation, or work.

SPORTS, EVENTS, AND MORE: Both the Community Events and Parks and Recreation department develop and manage the many activities going on in Sandy.

CITIZEN RESOURCES: If you are inquiring about pets, Animal Services can help. If you need information on water or street lights, Public Utilities oversees that. If you want to know about bulk waste, dumpsters, garbage collection, recycling, snow removal, tree trimming, or traffic concerns, Public Works will assist you.

COMMUNITY GROWTH: The Community Development and Economic Development departments of the city help manage and sustain our communities growth and welfare.

LEGAL: Sandy offers many legal resources through the Justice Court. Additionally, the City Attorney and City Recorder offices counsel and maintain important records.

PUBLIC SAFETY: Sandy continuously strives to protect and safeguard the community through exceptional service through our Police Department, Fire Department, and Emergency Management.

INSIDE SANDY CITY: The Human Resources and Finance & IT departments keep the city running smooth internally.