Frequently Asked Questions


What are your hours of operation?

Our shelter is open from 8:30 A.M. till 5:00 P.M. Monday thru Friday and 10:00 A.M. till 1:00 P. M. on Saturday. Officers are on duty daily, from 7:00 A.M. till 5:00 P. M. in the winter. We have a officer on duty in the summer during evening daylight hours. We are closed on holidays, but will respond to injured pets if the owner is known or if you are bitten by a stray animal.

How do I license my animal?

To license an animal, you must show proof of a current rabies vaccination certificate from a licensed veterinarian. The first rabies vaccination given to your animal is a one year vaccine, there after is every three years. To license an animal that has been spayed or neutered, you must show proof of the spay or neuter with a certificate from a licensed veterinarian.

Dog licenses may be purchased in person or by mail.

Sandy City Animal Services
8715 S 700 W
Sandy City, UT 84070

License Fees

License Dog altered $6.00

License Dog unaltered $45.00

License Cat altered $6.00

License Cat unaltered $45.00

License Cat altered with proof of Micro Chip $3.00

How many pets can I have at my home?

Sandy City allows a maximum of 6 small animals but no more than two dogs at any address. Even homes that are zoned for livestock may only have two dogs. Exceptions? Yes, you may apply for a hobby permit. If granted you will be able to have a maximum of 5 dogs at your home. A hobby permit cost $70.00 per year. If you would like to apply for a hobby permit, call us at 352-4450 during business hours and we will send you an application and the regulations.  Zoning Ordinance 15-A-11-03

May I leave my pet unattended in a vehicle?

The answer is NO.
Even if the windows are rolled down a few inches, the interior temperature of the vehicle will continue to climb. Dogs and cats do not sweat and quickly become distressed in a hot environment. Every summer there are animals that were left unattended in vehicles that expire from the conditions during their owner's absence.  Our Animal Service Officers have been instructed to take a zero tolerance stance on this issue. If you leave an animal unattended in a vehicle you will receive a citation. In cases where our Officers are unable to locate the owner of the vehicle in a timely manner, they will force entry into the vehicle and impound the animal, placing it in protective custody.
You would not leave an infant in a vehicle unattended and you should use that same common sense with your pets. Your dog will forgive you if you leave him at home while you run your errands.

What happens if my dog bites a person?

Any bite that breaks skin must immediately be reported to Animals Services. Medical facilities are required by law to report treatment of animal bites. An Officer will conduct a rabies investigation and place the animal on quarantine for a period of 10 days. The quarantine period is required by law even for vaccinated pets. Based on circumstance a citation may be issued. After the quarantine period the pet may continue to reside with its owner under lawful conditions.
Any dog can bite, even very nice and docile ones. By observing leash laws and maintaining a good fence you will reduce the risk of a dog bite.

What can be done about a neighbors barking dog?

BARKING DOGS: Few things are as annoying as a dog that barks incessantly while you are trying to sleep or enjoy the peace and quiet of your own yard. So that we can properly address the problem with the owner, we must have the following information.

a. address where dog lives

b. description of the animal

c. Most recent, time and date of the barking

d. Duration. (Barked this morning from 6:00 until 8:30, for instance)

e. Your name, address and phone number ( this information will be anonymous)

This problem is best handled when you call us and we put the information in our computer to begin a history of the offenders address, and what action we took. You can call us at 801-352-4450. If the annoyance happens after hours, and you call that number the line will transfer to police dispatch and a police officer will be assigned to the problem. That officer will do what he can and then ask that a report be sent to Animal Services so that we can make a follow-up the next day.

Sandy ordinance 3-1-16 (6) tells us that "animals cannot bark, whine, howl, or makes other disturbing noises in an excessive, continuous, or untimely fashion." Note that this law does not address time of day or day of week. We believe that neighbors have a right to the peace full enjoyment of their homes and property at all times.

Can I take a hike on the east bench and let my dog run?

Unfortunately the answer is no. Every area along our East Bench where there is running water is water shed and therefore no dogs are allowed. You are welcome to walk your dog in Dimple Dell Park and along the trails above Hidden Valley Park, but your dog must be on leash and attached to you.

Why won't you let my dog play off leash at any city parks?

Sandy City has a new off leash park which is located at 9980 S. 300 E. In that park, dogs can run and enjoy meeting other dogs. We just ask that you clean up after your dog. As far as other parks, all dogs must be on a leash attached to the owner at all times. Our parks are for the enjoyment of everyone. Many people are uncomfortable about being approached by a strange dog. If you want to hear from someone who is angry, listen to a mother who brought the kids to the park to play and within five minutes they have dog mess on their shoes or clothes.

I have a loose dog in my yard, what should I do?

Approaching loose or stray dogs that you do not know is dangerous. Many of the bite reports that we handle are from someone trying to restrain a pet that is not familiar to them. Call us during business hours and we will respond. If this is an ongoing problem and you know who owns the dog, let us know. You will be anonymous but we will be able to inform the owner of their responsibility to restrain their animals.

My neighbors are complaining about my cat going into their yard. What can I do?

Cats are regulated just like dogs. If you own a cat, you must keep the cat restrained and on your property. The best advice to cat owners is to condition your cat to be an indoors cat. By keeping a clean litter box, spaying or neutering and not allowing your cat to roam free, your cat will enjoy a full and peaceful life as a great family companion.

How do I deal with stray cats that mess up my yard, kill the song birds that I enjoy and use the kids sandbox as a bathroom?

Trying to handle and contain a stray cat is even more dangerous than handling a stray dog. We have humane traps available here at the shelter. We will require a $75.00 returnable deposit for the use of the trap. After the cat is trapped, call us (801-352-4450 during business hours) and we will respond and remove the cat or you are welcome to bring the trap and cat here to the shelter. If the cat has ID, we will notify the owner and when they redeem the cat we will advise them of their obligation as a pet owner. If the cat is impounded again, the owner will likely receive a citation for "animal running at large" and be required to appear in court. Cats with no ID will be held for a minimum of three days, in hopes that the owner will identify and redeem their pet.