Sandy City Council Guidelines


Conduct of Official Council Meetings

  1. Motions made by Council Members should be repeated by the Chairman before the vote is taken.
  2. All Members of the Council should vote on each motion. If any member refuses to vote, the vote should be counted in the negative.
  3. Members should not abstain from voting unless there is a conflict of interest. The member abstaining should publicly state what the conflict is. The City Council should determine, by a majority vote of the quorum in attendance, whether or not the conflict raised by the member wishing to abstain is sufficient to require an abstention. In the event that the abstention is honored, the failure to vote should be counted neither in the affirmative nor negative. In the event that the abstention is overridden, the member of the Council should be required to vote.
  4. Upon call for the vote, members should not request to pass by his/her vote. The affirmative vote of a majority of a quorum of the City Council is required to pass any measure unless otherwise required by State statute.
  5. A member may move for a matter to be reconsidered at the same meeting the matter was discussed and acted on if he/she voted in the majority, or he/she may move to have a matter reconsidered at a future meeting. In the event of tie votes, any member may move for a matter to be reconsidered at that meeting or a future meeting. (Opposing parties and all other interested persons are to be informed of the meeting when the matter is to be reconsidered.)
  6. Each member of the public desiring to address the City Council should be allowed to speak no more than 3 minutes on any issue, unless the time to speak is extended by the Chair or a majority vote of the Council. Any person desiring to address the Council a second time should wait until all others have spoken before being allowed to speak a second time on the same issue. Any rebuttal or opportunity to address the Council for a second time on any particular issues should not exceed three minutes. In the event that the time to be spent on a particular issue is restricted to a certain amount and there are several persons wishing to address the Council on that particular issue, the Chair may divide the total number of available minutes between those wishing to address the Council.
  7. Any member of the City Council may "call the question". A second is required and a two-thirds affirmative vote of a quorum present to close debate. Debate shall, at that time cease.
  8. No person should interrupt any other person while they are speaking, except to raise a "point of order" and they should ask permission of the "Chair".
  9. All persons should avoid undermining the integrity or dignity of others in the meeting.
  10. These Guidelines should be followed with regard to: decisions made on questions or order and/or Council practice, impinging the interpretation of the Council, or speaking disrespectfully of the presiding official(s).
  11. Persons should refrain from leaving their seats or making any noise or disturbance while a vote is being taken and until the results are declared.
  12. Persons not following these guidelines may be asked, after a 2/3 vote of the Council, to leave their seat for the remainder of the meeting. Any person not honoring the request of the "Chair" to leave the meeting would be deemed guilty of disturbing an official meeting in violation of Section 7-8-11 of the Revised Ordinances of Sandy City and would be guilty of a Class B Misdemeanor.
  13. Matters should only be considered for approval if they are on the official Council agenda (unless otherwise allowed by state law). Upon the termination of the official Council Meeting, the Council may adjourn and reconvene the Council Planning Meeting. Official votes should not be taken in Planning Meetings.
  14. During the course of an official Council Meeting, a Council Member should explain his or her position on an issue, give reasons for his or her vote on an issue, or otherwise debate an issue, only during the period of debate prior to the vote on that issue. This guideline may be temporarily suspended at any time upon a motion by any Council member followed by a second and an affirmative vote by a majority of the Council Members present. Nothing in this guideline should be construed to require or compel a Council Member to explain his or her position on an issue, give reasons for his or her vote on an issue or otherwise debate an issue.
  15. Two or more agenda items may be voted on together upon a single motion and second, unless a Council Member requests that such items be voted on separately, or unless otherwise required by state statute.
  16. During public hearings, except by the Council Chairperson, staff, developers or-other presenters should not be interrupted. Council discussion and questions should be withheld until after the public comment portion of the hearing.
  17. Planning Meetings will generally be conducted in a more informal manner and the above procedural guidelines will not generally apply; however, persons should speak and participate only after recognition by the "Chair".
  18. These guidelines should not be used to invalidate any action taken by the City Council which otherwise complies with State Statute.


  • Adopted by Resolution #84-44 C June 12, 1984
  • Readopted 1993
  • Revised August 14, 2007 Resolution #07-42C
  • The Resolution #07-57C not adopted; council wished further revisions - discussed 10/9/07
  • This version adopted; given as information on 10/16/07, discussed & adopted 10/30/07