Static Zoning Maps

Available in PDF format, this is the Sandy City Zoning Map (PDF Format, 12.5 MB). Typically, it is printed on an Architectural E-sized sheet, 36 inches by 48 inches. The file may be scaled down to print at a different size depending on your printer - certain details may be lost at smaller sizes, however. Last updated August 28, 2014.

Interactive Zoning Map

The Interactive Zoning Map allows the user to determine the zoning for specific parcels.  Click on the target icon to find a parcel by street address.


Community Coordinator Map

Community Coordinators for Sandy City's 30 neighborhoods. The listed Coordinators are contact people if you're applying for certain types of permits in the City and are also good starting points if you have questions or concerns you'd like to express to City administration.

Map Questions and assistance

If you have questions about these or any other Community Development maps, please contact Andrew King, Senior Planner at (801) 568-7262 or aking