Jury Information

General Information

  • Defendant's are entitled to a trial before a jury for misdemeanor (but not infraction) offenses. Small claims actions are not entitled to a trial by jury.

  • A statewide master jury list is compiled by the Administrative Office of the Courts. Periodically, the Sandy Justice Court qualifies a pool of jurors living within Salt Lake County from that master list for use in its court. 

  • Jurors are generally called for a term lasting a few months. Once qualified, prospective jurors are assigned a specific trial date, usually 10-14 days in advance. State law does not exempt qualified jurors from jury service.

  • Prospective jurors seeking to be excused for medical reasons may be requested to furnish a physician's letter.

  • Jury trials for the Sandy Justice Court are calendared monthly for a Thursday or Friday and typically last only one day. If a trial is canceled prior to a juror's appearance, that juror may be subject to call for another trial during the term.

  • Service as a juror exempts an individual for further jury service in this state for two years.

  • The Sandy Justice Court Jury Manager can be reached at (801)568-7160.

  • Link to State Courts' "Guide To Jury Service" Web Page.