Business Watch

What is Business Watch?

Business Watch is a program that is designed to improve the relationship between the Sandy Police Department, Sandy Chamber of Commerce, and local businesses. The goal is to provide community businesses with educational and up to date information regarding shoplifting, internal theft, burglary, robbery, and other aspects of crime prevention geared specifically toward businesses in the Sandy area.

Business Watch allows the Sandy City Police Crime Prevention Unit to provide you with details about crime trends and current criminal activity through an email network which can alert members of potential problems in a timely manner. Sandy City Police Crime Prevention Unit also stands ready to assist businesses with crime prevention strategies that can help with several aspects of making your business less attractive to would-be offenders. Such as the physical security of your business premises, locks, securing windows, doors and alarms. The Unit can also provide support through Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED). CPTED looks at all aspects of the built environment to reduce the likelihood of crime.

Why get involved in Business Watch? 

Just imagine this scenario. A local criminal has hit several retail stores in the Sandy area where they have been identified as passing back checks. The police department is aware of the situation and has a description of the fraudulent person and what checks they are using. Through the Business Watch program the police are able to pass this type of information on to the local business so that all employees are aware of what to watch for. Then, when the "bad guy" chooses to come into your store to pass the next bad check, you are one step ahead of them and they are caught.

How do I get involved in the Business Watch program?

The Business Watch program is a service of the Sandy City Police Department Crime Prevention Unit. To enroll your business in this free program, and be added to our Business Internet group,  or to obtain more information about Business Watch contact Dawn Black by telephone at (801) 568-7200, or by email to dblack @