Water Meter Valve

Ever notice a small, round, metal or composite lid in your yard or park strip? Chances are it's your water meter lid. There are a few things each resident should know about their water meter.

First, the meter lid, vault, and all the piping within the meter vault are the property of Sandy City and are the City's responsibility to maintain. Residents should only access the meter and shut off valve in extreme emergencies. Any planned repairs should be coordinated with the Public Utilities Department. We will be happy to send one of our employees out to assist you.

The water service line from the meter vault to the home, belong to the homeowner and is the homeowner's responsibility to maintain or repair.

Second, most homes have a main water shut off valve located on an interior wall within the home, generally where the service line enters the home. If you experience a leak or flooding within your home you can shut off the water flow into the home at that point. If by chance you do not have a valve on the interior of your home, you can shut off the water in the meter vault. If you choose to do this, BE CAREFUL. When you shut off the water in the vault do not force the valve, you can break it. Turn the valve slowly 1/2 turn.

When you are ready to restore water service please call the Public Utilities Department for assistance. We will be happy to come out and make sure that service is restored correctly.

Third, if you do have to get in the meter vault for any reason, make sure you place the lid back on correctly and tighten it down securely. Leaving a meter lid loose or open creates a potentially dangerous situation. People have suffered serious injury from stepping into open meter vaults.

Remember, you should only access the meter pit in a real emergency. There is no charge for us to assist you, however, if you damage any of the equipment in the pit you may be held responsible for the cost of repair. If you need assistance or have questions regarding leaks, loose or missing lids, or meter problems please call Public Utilities at 801-352-4400.

Typical meter and valve