Recycling Program







Plastics 6 (PS) to include:



Newspapers (inserts & ads OK)

Disposable Plastic Plates & Cups



Magazines & Catalogs

CD/DVD Cases



Brochures & Pamphlets

Egg Cartons



Mail & Envelopes (envelope windows & labels OK)

Aspirin Bottles



File Folders & Card Stock



Printing & Writing Paper (colored paper OK)

Plastics 7 (MISC) to include:



Telephone, Paperback & Hard Bound Books

3- and 5-gallon Water Bottles



Shredded Paper (bagged in a plastic bag)








iPOD & Computer Cases



Plastics 1 (PETE) to include:

Signs & Displays



Soda Pop & Water Bottles

Certain Food Containers



Juice & Sports Drink Bottles



Mouthwash Bottles

Cardboard/ Paperboard



Catsup & Salad Dressing Bottles

Corrugated Cardboard & Boxes (flatten or cut-up)


Plastics 2 (HDPE) to include:

Cereal & Cracker Boxes (remove plastic liners)


Milk & Water Jugs

Food Cartons & Boxes



Cosmetic & Shampoo Bottles

Gift, Shoe & Tissue Boxes



Bleach, Dish & Laundry Detergent Bottles

Paper Bags



Household Cleaning Bottles

Paper Towel & Toilet Paper Rolls



Plastics 3 (V or PVC) to include:

Paper Egg Cartons



Window Cleaner



Detergent Bottles




Cooking Oil Bottles

Aluminum Cans



Plastics 4 (LDPE) to include:

Steel/ Tin Cans



Squeeze Bottles

Clean Scrap Aluminum



Stretch Film

Non-hazardous Aerosol Cans (empty)



Plastics 5 (PP) to include:




Yogurt Containers



Syrup & Ketchup Bottles






Medicine Bottles






Glass (any kind)

Small Appliances



Light Bulbs or Fluorescent Tubes

Propane or Gas Tanks



Plastic Bags (grocery, newspaper, bread or sandwich) 




Cellophane Food Bags (pasta, salad, candy, cookies)

Tarps or Garden Hoses



Metal or Plastic Pails or Buckets

Toys or Children Pools



Food or Liquid Waste

Electronics or Electronics Housing (e-waste)



Soiled Paper Plates, Paper Towels, Napkins
Pizza Boxes

Photographic Paper, Tapes



Plastic Coated Milk Cartons or Drink Boxes

Print or Toner Cartridges



Pet Food Bags

Auto Parts or Batteries



Plastic Film Pkg. (shrink or plastic food wrap)

Motor Oil or Anti-freeze Bottles



Polystyrene, Bubble Wrap or Packing Peanuts

Paint Cans



Bedding or Bath Items (blankets, pillows or towels)

Household Hazardous Waste



Draperies or Blinds

Medical Supplies (syringes, needles or lancets)


Clothing or Shoes

Wrapping Paper



Clothes Hangers 

Yard Waste (grass, weeds, tree limbs or trimmings)



Concrete, Rocks, Dirt or Sod



China or Ceramics

Construction Materials (lumber or drywall)



Kitchen Utensils or Dishes

Aluminum Siding for homes
















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Please Note: The first container is provided by the City as part of your waste collection fees. Replacements for containers lost or damaged through negligence will be billed to you at cost. Please contact Sandy City Public Works at 801-568-2999 to arrange for replacement containers or to arrange for delivery of an additional container. Please remember to use the blue container for household and yard waste, and the green container for recyclable materials. Both waste and recyclables will be picked up on the same day of the week.



Material Reuse Facility (MRF)