Sego Lily Gardens

The Garden is one of the first demonstration gardens along the Wasatch Front to emphasize low-water use plants and landscaping. At the gardens there are a large variety of drought tolerant plants, including trees, shrubs, perennials, grasses, groundcovers and vines. These plants are used in various ways to show different examples of low water use landscapes. Plants native to Utah are used at Sego Lily Gardens so we can learn more about plants that are already adapted to our local environment. Sego Lily Gardens is located at 1472 East Sego Lily Drive (10200 South). It is open from dawn to dusk seven days a week Spring through Fall with the exception of inclement weather. Learn more about Sego Lily Gardens here.

Hiking and Biking Trails

Sandy City has over 60 miles of hiking and biking trails. Visit the Parks and Recreation trails map page for more information.

City Parks

Sandy City has 26 parks. Click on a park name below for more information on the park.

Alta Canyon
9565 South 2000 East

Aspen Meadows
2100 East 9800 South

Bell Canyon
11400 South 1700 East

530 East 8680 South

10075 South 1550 East

Center Street
8920 South 150 East

9400 South Basin Street

230 East 11000 South

Dewey Bluth
170 East 9800 South

Dog Park - Off Leash
300 East 9980 South

12000 South 1000 East

9200 South 1700 East

Flat Iron
1700 East 8600 South

Hidden Valley
11700 South Wasatch Blvd.

High Point
7800 South 1000 East

Lone Peak
10140 South 700 East

Main Street
90 East 8720 South

Promenade Wetlands
10225 Centennial Pkwy.

Quail Hollow PDF - Spring 2009
9180 South 2910 East

Quarry Bend - New
9020 Quarry Bend Pkwy.

Storm Mountain
1000 East 11400 South

Union PDF - Summer 2008
7800 South 685 East

Urban Fishery - Fall 2009
9800 South 1000 West

Wasatch Valley
2520 East 11700 South

9845 South 1835 East

Willow Creek
8400 South 2000 East