Email Notices

Would you like to be kept up to date on what is happening in Sandy? You can subscribe to our email notices and we will notify you when:

  • The latest Sandy City Newsletter is available
  • New City Council Agendas are posted
  • New City Council Minutes are posted
  • We have special information in case of a community-wide disaster

Note: you can choose which category of information you would like to receive from us. For example, if you wish to only receive information about City Council Agendas, you can specify that when registering by checking the appropriate box.

You can also register your cell phone with Sandy City to receive a text message to your cell phone in the event of an emergency.

Register for email notices by clicking here (note: email address required - read our privacy policy).

Reverse 911 System

Salt Lake Valley Emergency Communications Center (VECC), has instituted a regional notification system that will be able to send telephone notifications to residents and businesses within VECC's area impacted by, or in danger of being impacted by, an emergency or disaster.

Because the system uses the 9-1-1 database, only land-line numbers are in the system. If you have an alternative telephone system provider, such a cable network or Voice over IP provider (VoIP) or cell phone and would like to be notified over that device, or if you would like an email notification, you must register those telephone numbers and/or email address for use by the system.

Register for reverse 9-1-1 service on VECC's web site.