Sandy Announces Rewards for Good Drivers

Posted: March 01, 2013

The Sandy Police Department will be handing out tickets, but this time, they will hand out movie tickets to reward drivers for being courteous and obeying traffic laws.

Mayor Tom Dolan and Police Chief Steve Chapman are excited to launch a new program geared towards rewarding drivers for being safe. Just a few of the good driving techniques that will be rewarded include: making complete stops at stop signs, yielding for pedestrians and bicycles, stopping before making a right turn, proper lane changes and acknowledging school zone speed limits during school hours.

"This is an opportunity for us to reinforce good behavior. We don't think about it much but obeying the traffic laws is a choice. We want to reward people as they drive for being courteous to others on the road," Mayor Dolan reminds drivers.

A special thanks to Jordan Commons Megaplex Theatres and the Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce for sponsoring the program and providing the tickets.