Noal Bateman Award

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In 1986, The Noal Bateman Award was given to, and named after, Noal Bateman for the many years of long-term, dedicated service that he performed throughout his life for the Sandy Community.

Each year thereafter an individual has been given this award for the many years of service he or she has given to the residents of the Sandy Community.

The awards committee is looking for a 2018 recipient. We need your help in finding the right person. Please write a description of someone you know who has been active in serving the Sandy area community for ten or more years and submit your nomination by January 4, 2019.

Download the nomination form.

Please send completed nomination forms to:

Bruce Steadman
Award Committee Chairman
10936 South 85 East
Sandy, Utah 84070-5234

Home: 801-571-8116
Work: 801-587-9526

Former recipients include:

Noal Bateman, Grant Hurst, Bertha Rand, Bruce Steadman, Dick Adair, Clark Stringham, Mike Coulam, Frank Mumford, Andrew Glad, Charles "Chuck" Wright, Jan VanCampen, M. Gordon Johnson, Linda Martinez-Saville, Vern Sweet, Dr. Raymond Whittenburg, Bryant Anderson, Alvin "Babe" Malstrom, Pat Adair, Joe Baker, Peggy Bird, Steve Newton, Nancy Day, Chris McCandless, John Winder, Don Milne and John Kirkham, Scott Cowdell, Max Burdlck, Karin Johnstone, Lamar Beckstead, Byron Jorgenson, and Mayor Tom Dolan.