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What is the Guild?

Sandy Arts Guild is a non-profit, member-driven organization with the primary mission of executing community musical theater opportunities for the City of Sandy as well as developing and presenting special community and artistic events including Interfaith Music Festival, Children's Theater and Art Show, Sandy Talent/Variety Show, Arts Gala, and a Holiday Sing Along. The Sandy Arts Guild is one of the largest Arts Guild in the State of Utah.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Sandy Arts Guild is to develop, present and engage residents of the City of Sandy in special community and artistic experiences. The Sandy Arts Guild is committed to providing community outreach to enrich and develop awareness and appreciation of the significance of all art forms. We support emerging, as well as, established talent alike.


As we continue to grow, it is our vision that we will persist in raising the Guild to a new level and continue to expand and grow. The following are ideals that we may strive for as the Sandy Arts Guild with hope for a very bright future.


One of the greatest assets any volunteer organization has is the sense of belonging, making a difference, and recognition. It is our sincere wish that each volunteer can experience this through the Sandy Arts Guild and that each can feel the spirit of collaboration and the joy it can bring to their life. In addition, it is the goal of the Guild to exercise this collaboration with Sandy City, the Mayor, and all those who make Sandy City a better place.


One thing that drives patrons to attend again and again is the quality of each event and the valuable experience they have. One of our favorite sayings is that we make our slogan is "they may not remember what we say, but they will remember how we made them feel." We believe that it is the pursuit of excellence in community arts that adds that significant emotional element of touching someone's life. Hence, the phrase "Sandy Arts--A Spark in All of Us" was born and continues to be our motto.


The Guild is a living organization full of vibrant personalities and virtually thousands of creative ideas and expressions. Because of this, the Guild will always seek to create new events and opportunities for residents of the Sandy area. The Guild dreams of one day finding a permanent home where costumes, set, and props may be stored, where arts mentoring may occur, and where special events can be housed for all Sandy area residents to enjoy. In the meantime, we are grateful for all Sandy City has done for the Guild to allow us places to perform and temporary homes for arts paraphernalia. In addition, it is our goal to reach out in our community to discover a plethora of talented volunteers whose lives will be enriched by participating in the Guild. And finally, the Guild can play a significant role in raising funds that will benefit Sandy City through sponsorships, donations, and added grants.

During our service together, we hope that we will be bombarded with conversations that build others up and champion the skills that each Guild member brings to the table. Because we are all volunteers, we urge each person to be mindful of others and to speak about each other with fondness and understanding. We feel fortunate to be surrounding by such capable guild and volunteer members who have caught the vision of Sandy Arts Guild and are all pushing on the wheel in the same direction.

To many more wonderful performances and events,

The Sandy Arts Guild

Contact Information

10000 S Centennial Parkway, Suite 310
Sandy, UT 84070
Office: 801-568-6068
Fax: 801-568-6076
General Information Email

  • Mearle Marsh - Executive Director

  • Karla Marsden - Producer

  • Robin Saville - Marketing Development Specialist