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Cast for “Shrek The Musical Jr.” 

Congratulations to the cast of “Shrek The Musical Jr.”.  We want to thank everyone who auditioned for taking the time to share his or her talent with us.  We wish we could cast everyone who auditioned – what a talented group of kids! 

The first cast meeting will be on Saturday, March 3, 8:45 AM in the auditorium of Mount Jordan Middle School, 300 East 9400 South.      


An adult from each family needs to attend the cast/parent meeting.  The parent portion of the meeting should conclude about 11:00. The cast will be needed till about 11:30 or 12:00.  


Please Note:

The cast fee is due at the cast meeting.  Please bring cash or check made out to the Sandy Arts Guild.  The fee is $20 fee; $10 for each additional family member.

Parents, please bring your calendars so you can sign-up for supervision times. 

An email will be sent later with more details about the cast meeting.  All parents/cast members need to reply to the email by noon on Friday so we can prepare for the cast meeting.  


Please send inquiries to

Jacob Maag - Shrek
Max Carter - Donkey
Samson Sperry - Lord Farquaad
Ethan Fullmer - Pinocchio
Mia Benson - Princess Fiona
Grace Chavez - Teen Fiona/Fairy Godmother
Mia Clark - Young Fiona/Thumbelina
Bex Millington - Dragon
Cecelia Keel - Gingy
Lucy Ballou - Storyteller
Caden Fairbourn - Storyteller
Ella Hyde - Storyteller
Jack Milner - Storyteller
Jessica Wilhite - Storyteller
Macey Wright - Storyteller
Elle Brimhall - Duloc Dancers/Rats
Samantha Harker - Duloc Dancers/Rats
Natalie Hood - Duloc Dancers/Rats
MaryBeth Jarman - Duloc Dancers/Rats
Lilia Nelson - Duloc Dancers/Rats
Scarlet Nielsen - Duloc Dancers/Rats
Logan Slaughter - Duloc Dancers/Rats
Jonas Stone - Duloc Dancers/Rats
Maryn Stone - Duloc Dancers/Rats
Sophia Warren - Duloc Dancers/Rats
Molia Salanoa - Captain of the Guard
Bryson Coburn - Guard/Knight/Bishop
Hunter Hogan - Guard/Pied Piper
Andrew  Huff - Guard/Knight
Matai Tongi - Guard/Knight
AJ Wankier - Guard/Knight
Aiden Allred - Jack
Ada Alvarado - Little Ogre/Baby Bear
Kate  Andersen - Puss in Boots/Rooster
Chloe Babitz - 3 Little Pigs
Eliza Ballou - Rose Red/Happy People
Jill Ballou - Snow White/Happy People
Gretel Carey - Gretel
Jayde Chipman - Jill/Happy People
Maci Christensen - 3 Blind Mice
Owen Christensen - Jack Be Nimble
Evan Clark - Papa Ogre/Papa Bear
Ella Collett - Goldilocks/Happy People
Lauren Fairbanks - Wicked Witch
Hannah Flanagan - Little Bo Peep
Miles Jenson - Hansel
Sophie  Lo - Little Miss Muffet/Happy People
Anly Olivia Lockwood  - 3 Little Pigs
Ellie Maag - Frog Princess/Happy People
Arianna  McBride  - Mother Goose/Yunita Pal Avenue
Cash Noyes - Humpty Dumpty
Zoey Slaughter - 3 Little Pigs
Avery Smith - White Rabbit
McKeltie Smith - 3 Blind Mice
Marley Sokia - Ugly Duckling
Faith  Sorensen - Rapunzel
Easton  Sorensen  - Big Bad Wolf
Emalee Sorensen  - Little Red Riding Hood/Happy People
Collin Thompson - Little Boy Blue, Dwarf
Luke Wilhite - Peter Pan/Spoon
Sabrina Wilhite - Mama Ogre/Mama Bear
Kate Willhite  - Elf/Happy People
Mary Willhite  - 3 Blind Mice/Dish
Evelyn Woolley - Sugar Plum Fairy