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Cast for “Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat”

Congratulations to the cast of “Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat!”  We want to thank everyone who auditioned for taking the time to audition for us.  It was a very talented audition pool.

Cast List
Russell Maxfield - Joseph
Taneesa Wright - Narrator
Benjamin Heder - Pharaoh
Nelden Maxfield - Jacob
Ryan Maxfield - Potiphar
Timothy Feroah - Asher
Abby Fillmore - Asher's Wife
Tyler Rowe - Benjamin
Hannah Flanagan - Benjamin's Wife
Tyson Pew - Dan
Mackenzie Haslam - Dan's Wife
Colyn Quinn - Gad/Butler
Alexis Barnett  - Gad's Wife
Darrin  Weir - Issachar
Natalie Sorenson - Issachar's Wife
Nathan Leituala - Judah - Calypso Solo
Maddie  Fillmore - Judah's Wife
Drew Thompson - Levi
Amanda Rogers - Levi's Wife - One More Angel Solo
Chad McBride - Naphtali/Baker
Kim Fillmore - Naphtali's Wife
Matt Russell - Reuben - One More Angel Solo
Briana Chipman - Reuben's Wife
Wade  Flanagan - Simeon - Canaan Days Solo
Bailey Schepps - Simeon's Wife
Trent Labrum - Zebulon
Madeleine Homer - Zebulon's Wife/Mrs. Potiphar
Kate Barnes - Children's Chorus
Sarah Barnes - Children's Chorus
Elle Brimhall - Children's Chorus
Harper Chipman - Children's Chorus
Jayde Chipman - Children's Chorus
Paisley Fillmore - Children's Chorus
Jack Jordan - Children's Chorus
Boston Maxfield - Children's Chorus
Brindee Maxfield - Children's Chorus
Bronco Maxfield - Children's Chorus
Cash  Noyes - Children's Chorus
Marley Sokia - Children's Chorus
Alyssa Thompson - Children's Chorus
Collin Thompson - Children's Chorus
Melia Thompson - Children's Chorus
Ariel Wouden - Children's Chorus