A small cairn

What is the CAIRNS?

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World's First Mountain City

There are dozens of world-class mountain towns, but Sandy will be the world’s first mountain city. Unparalleled access to award-winning mountain terrain with both Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons only minutes away, coupled with the distinction of having all of the services and amenities a discerning tourist would want and need. Likewise, The Cairns is a distinguished place to LIVE, WORK, PLAY and SHOP making Sandy City a desirable place to call “home.”

A small picture of a cairn in a woodland riverWhy The Cairns?

  • A cairn indicates that you are headed in the right direction and marks key points along the way. The Cairns will be distinguished by these markers throughout Sandy’s city center featuring:
  • Cairns of all shapes and sizes throughout the development
  • Exploratory outdoor activities and recreation
  • Interactive experiences with mountain elements in an urban environment

The Beauty of a Cairn

  • Cairns can be large or small or elaborate to very simple
  • A cairn is representative of the mountains above and the valley in which Sandy sits
  • To be effective, all they need to be is distinct from the surrounding area so they are noticeable

Cairns are the connection between human and nature.