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Where Mountain Meets Urban

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The Cairns connects mountain adventure with an active urban lifestyle.

  • The excitement of a bustling city arts and entertainment scene
  • Easily accessible world-class mountain skiing and summer recreation
  • A strong network of trails, gathering places, outdoor rooms and interactive, desirable public spaces
  • Unsurpassed shopping, dining and entertainment experiences
  • Walkable access within a vibrant community
  • All of this combines for a destination location like no other

Transit-Oriented, Mixed-Use Development

In a true “live, work, play” experience, the Cairns will be a high-end city center that blends:

  • Thousands of new high-rise housing units, dozens of restaurants, popular entertainment venues, concentrated job center, new retail and hospitality offerings and a multi-million dollar mall renovation
  • An upscale development that meets the growing trend of Millennials, Empty-Nesters and all others seeking easily-accessible amenities, transit convenience, work proximity and community convenience
  • Transforming Sandy into a new city that combines the best attributes of city and suburban living—in short, all that you would want from a big city, without the elements you don’t