Truth in Taxation: Proposed Property Tax Increase

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Truth in Taxation Public Hearing

August 13, 6:00 p.m.

Sandy City Hall, City Council Room



What is Truth in Taxation:

Truth in Taxation is a process established by the Utah State Legislature where city and county governments and school districts are required to hold a public hearing and inform taxpayers of increases prior to (City Council) voting on them before making changes.

Utah Law requires that property tax rates automatically adjust when property values increase or decrease so the amount of money the City of Sandy receives is the same from year to year. The laws are designed to hold property owner’s tax burden at a constant level from year to year unless the taxing entity’s legislative body (the City Council) votes to increase the tax through a process of notification and public hearing.

 Property Tax Infographic

Resident Resources:

On June 18th, Council passed Resolution #19-27 C signaling intent to increase property taxes and scheduling a Truth in Taxation hearing for August 13th. The Resolution included a detailed list of requests which are intended to be funded through the proposed tax increase.

While the new revenue would address many of the operational and capital needs of the City, an additional $8.59 million of requests would not be funded by the tax increase. Both lists of requests, those included in the proposed increase and those that are not, are available to view in the links below. 


Property Tax Calculator:

To help you understand the impact of what the proposed tax rate might mean for you, we’ve provided the following interactive Property Tax Calculator. To estimate the monthly impact:

1. Select your Property Type in the dropdown menu of options in green.

2. Type the assessed value for the property you wish to project. If you cannot remember the assessed value of the property, the Salt Lake County Assessor’s office has an interactive parcel map you may use to look up assessed values.

Note that the calculator is optimized for computer browsers and may not work on mobile devices. Sandy City only receives approximately 10% of property tax funds collected. Other taxing entities rates and collections are not represented in this tool.