Future Of Alta Canyon Survey

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We're making decisions about the future of Alta Canyon. Please take a few minutes to review the key points listed on this page. After considering the facts click below to take the survey and let your voice be heard.
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Future Of Alta Canyon Survey

Key Points For Review

Alta Canyon Tax District Creation and History
  • The Alta Canyon Tax District was formed, via a vote by City Council in 1981, to create Alta Canyon Sports Center and 4 Parks (Alta Canyon, Willow Creek, Falcon and Buttercup) in the District. 

  • A 7-member Board was created and still functions today that represents Tax-District residents. 

  • The parks were turned over to Sandy City upon completion, but the District retained ownership of Alta Canyon Sports Center.

  • In 2002, the District entered into an Interlocal Agreement with Sandy City in which the District maintained financial responsibility and policy-making ability and Sandy City took over Center operations.

  • Residents of the District pay a separate tax to support Alta Canyon Sports Center and in return receive a discount on services at the Center.

  • Tax District boundaries are roughly Creek Rd to Dimple Dell (North to South) and 1300 E to Wasatch Blvd. (West to East).

  • In 2007, the City Council and the Alta Canyon Board approved the only, very minor, tax raise.

  • In 2008, the City planned to expand and renovate the center, but the project was put on hold due to the turndown in the economy.

  • In 2015, the Center applied for Salt Lake County Zoo, Arts, and Parks (ZAP) funding to expand and renovate the Center but was denied.

Current Operations at Alta Canyon Recreational Center
  • 6 full-time, and up to 160 seasonal/part-time-non-benefitted employees.
  • Programs include: Preschool, Karate, Racquetball Leagues and Tournaments, Tennis Leagues and Lessons, Swim Team, Swim Lessons, Certification Courses, Childcare, Summer Camps, Fitness Classes, Personal Training, and Boot Camps.
  • Special events include: I can TRI Sprint Triathlon, Run Elevated Half Marathon, Dippin’ Dogs.
  • Facility Rentals for after-hours pool parties, pavilion rentals for parties/reunions.
  • Memberships: 2,268 annual membership, 32% of those belong to people who are not residents of the Tax District.
  • Daily Fee Users: 16,738 day pass users per year, 34% from outside the District.
Current Concerns
  • Lack of space.
  • Lack of in-demand amenities including indoor multi-use courts, indoor jogging path, meeting space, etc.
  • Aging infrastructure include mechanical systems, HVAC, Swimming pool pumps, filters, etc.
  • Safety/security limitations.
  • Alta Canyon does not receive General Fund tax dollars.
  • Any retained earnings (profits after expenses) are used to fund improvement projects. In the past 10 years the splash pad and slide were added to the pool, some unused locker space was converted to a classroom, a building sign and marquee were installed, fluorescent lights were replaced with LED, new childcare buses were purchased, snack bar remodeled, etc.
  • In 2019, Alta Canyon revenue stream is flattening out while expenses continue to rise.

 Current taxing rates and comparison

 Tax District/Area  Tax Rate  Annual Tax Revenue Annual Tax on $400,000 Home 
 Alta Canyon  0.000178%  $362,230  $39.16
 Cottonwood Heights  0.000965%  $2,359,382  $212.30
 Oquirrh Recreation  0.000916%  $2,644,415  $201.52
Alta Canyon Recreation Center Future:
  • To survive and be successful, Alta Canyon needs to be remodeled and expanded.
  • The Alta Canyon District could remain or be dissolved.
  • The Tax-District could be expanded to include all of Sandy City.
  • The Center could be expanded with a full upgrade or a partial upgrade.