City Park Ordinance

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7-12-1. Definitions

As used in this chapter:

  1. "Recreation center" means those buildings and surrounding areas owned by Sandy City (the City) where recreation activities, day care, health services and other beneficial services and activities are provided by the City, that are designated by the City Council as recreation centers or senior citizen centers.
  2. "Park" means a specific piece of ground, either within the City or that is under the control of the City, that is operated and maintained by the City and set apart for the use of the general public, whether developed or undeveloped, including natural parks, and that is usually, or may be, planted with trees, lawns and other shrubbery. A park may include within its boundary facilities for sport, entertainment, dancing, recreation, swimming, or a park may be planned for any beneficial used by the citizenry. A park may have numerous facilities or consist of only a single facility.
  3. "Recreation" means a leisure activity or diversion which restores one's strength, spirit or vitality and which refreshes the mind and/or body.
  4. "Recreation facilities" (facilities) means parks, recreation areas and recreation centers which are owned or operated by the City, or for which the City has enforcement and/or maintenance responsibilities.

7-12-2. Authority to Make Rules

The Director of Parks and Recreation Department (the Director) of the City may adopt or recommend the adopting of rules for the use and care of City recreational facilities consistent with this chapter and other City ordinances, as provided by the City's ordinances on rulemaking. The Director may coordinate rulemaking and enforcement with the Sandy Police Department which has enforcement authority in all City recreational facilities.

7-12-3. Prohibited Activities

The following activities are prohibited in or on City recreational facilities:

  1. Entering into a flood detention pond where there is water present in it;
  2. Expectorating, urinating or littering in violation of 7-1-11, R.O.S.C., or defecating except into a toilet for that purpose;
  3. Bringing into a City recreational facility an animal other than a dog, cat, horse, donkey, burro, mule or llama unless a special permit has been obtained from Salt Lake County ("County");
  4. Allowing any dog or cat to be off of a leash, or allowing such animal not to be secured to a person;
  5. Allowing a donkey, horse, burro, mule or llama to be in a facility when not being led by a halter or ridden;
  6. Allowing an animal, other than a horse, donkey, burro, mule or llama, under one's ownership, care, custody or control to defecate in a recreational facility without removing the defecation to a proper trash receptacle as provided in Section 3-1-16, R.O.S.C.;
  7. Possessing or drinking any alcoholic beverage;
  8. Hitting or throwing balls or other hard objects against fences, or against baseball, soccer or other backstops;
  9. Shooting any projectile, paint ball or golfing;
  10. Adjusting or tampering with sprinklers, sprinkling valves, or sprinkling or irrigation systems;
  11. Making excessive, unnecessary or unusually loud noises in violation of Title 7, Chapter 2, R.O.S.C.;
  12. Making or continuing to burn an open fire except in barbecue or grill areas provided by the City or County;
  13. Skiing, snowboarding, sledding, toboganning or riding inner tubes or similar means of descending a hill on snow or ice in areas where such uses are prohibited by posted signs;
  14. Putting any object which is not normally used in those receptacles in sinks, toilets or drinking fountains which is reasonably likely to clog or plug the plumbing;
  15. Parking a motor vehicle or trailer overnight in a facility unless in an area where specifically allowed by posted signs;
  16. Riding bicycles or using skateboards, rollerblades, rollerskates or the like on any surface other than a sidewalk, parking lot or designated trail, or using any of these in a careless or reckless manner;
  17. Operating a snowmobile;
  18. Using any trail, path, walk, road, lot or area for any purpose other than that which is designated by signs or by City or County personnel;
  19. Creating or constructing any path without the express written consent of the Director or County;
  20. Tying or tethering any animal to a tree, plant or structure which is not specifically designated for that purpose;
  21. Annoying, injuring, releasing from confinement or interfering with any animal;
  22. Hunting or fishing unless there is a special facility set aside for such purpose by the City;
  23. Swimming, bathing or wading in any lake, pond, fountain or stream not specifically set aside by the City for that purpose (except that persons wearing fishing waders may wade where fishing is allowed);
  24. Operating any dispensary or concession stand without the express written consent of the Director or without first obtaining a current, valid business license from the City;
  25. Distributing any handbills or circulars, or posting, placing or erecting any bills, notices, papers or advertising of any kind without the express written consent of the Director or County;
  26. Engaging in any activity in an area which is not specifically designated for that activity;
  27. Camping, lodging or remaining overnight unless in an area specifically designated for that purpose;
  28. Throwing or depositing any bottle, metal objects, glass, paper, wood, clippings, rubbish or garbage except in receptacles set out for that purpose;
  29. Carrying or discharging any firearm or explosive of any kind, including fireworks, excepting law enforcement officers and those who have received written consent to do so from the Director;
  30. Violating any provision or instruction on any sign, or violating any rule of the facility;
  31. Conducting or carrying on any parade, formal celebration, service or speech-making without express written permission from the Director, the City Council or the County;
  32. Removing any plant, shrub, natural plant, rock, etc., from the recreational facility, excepting parks and recreation personnel in furtherance of their duties;
  33. Entering any area designated by signs as a rehabilitation or restoration area, excepting parks and recreation personnel in furtherance of their duties.

7-12-4. Opening and Closing Times for City Recreational Facilities.

  1. Except for unusual or unforeseen events, City recreational facilities shall be open to the public every day of the year during designated hours. Unless otherwise noticed by sign or other communication, facilities shall open each day at 6:00 a.m. Facilities without lighted playing fields shall be closed at 10:00 p.m. and those with lighted playing fields shall be closed at 10:30 p.m. Closing hours for facilities shall be posted in each for public information and those posted hours shall be the actual closing time for that facility. With the exception of police, fire, and parks and recreation personnel, no one may enter a recreational facility during the hours it is closed.
  2. Individuals or groups may receive express written permission from the Director, the Director's assistant or the County to be in a facility during the hours it is closed. The written permission shall designate specific hours within which the exemption is granted. The exemption from closing hours shall be in effect only for those hours exempted. Such written permission must be presented to any police officer or City official or employee upon demand. Written exemption from closing hour prohibitions shall not void any other penalties or violations of this chapter or other Sandy City ordinances.

7-12-5. Motor Vehicle Restrictions.

  1. Speeding. It is unlawful to operate or drive a motor vehicle within any recreational facility at a speed in excess of that posted on the particular road, trail or pathway in the facility. If no speed is posted, then no motor vehicle shall be operated at a speed in excess of 7 miles per hour. Nothing in this subsection shall be construed to allow operation of a motor vehicle outside of parking lots and roads unless otherwise permitted by a sign posted by the City.
  2. Careless, Reckless or Hazardous Operation. No motor vehicle, even operated within the permissible speed limit or within area designated for such vehicle's use, shall be operated in a careless or reckless manner, or in a manner which causes significant hazard to life, safety or property.
  3. Drive Only Where Allowed. No motor vehicle, as defined in Section 7-2-3(k), may be driven within a facility other than those in areas specifically designated and posted by the City for that particular purpose. This shall not apply, however, to motorized or self-propelled equipment used by onduty City or County employees or emergency personnel for transportation, maintenance or service of facilities, or in performance of their duties.
  4. Definition of Motor Vehicle. This is any vehicle within the definition of "motor vehicle" contained in 7-2-3 (k) of this ordinance.

7-12-6. Noise Restrictions.

No person may play or cause to be played amplified music or sound in a facility without the express written approval of the Director and without obtaining a license for such purpose. Such permission or license may be denied by the Director or the City where it is reasonably believed that such noise would disturb other patrons of the facility, annoy residents neighboring the facility or disturb wildlife. The written permission and license to play amplified sound must be provided to any City employee or official upon demand during the time for which it is granted. Issuance of permission and a license does not exempt the holder or permitted from all other rules, regulations, ordinances or statues whether State, County or City.

7-12-7. Violation of Ordinance or Rule.

  1. Eviction. Any person violating any of the ordinances, rules or instructions established by the City or the Director may be evicted immediately from the facility by any City employee who has been granted that authority by the Director. Any person who, having been given direction to leave by such an employee and who does not leave, is guilty of violating this chapter.
  2. Penalty. Any person who violates any ordinance, rule, instruction or sign within this chapter is guilty of an infraction unless the violation is a greater offense under State, County or City criminal codes, in which case the violation shall be punishable as the greater offense.