Fluoride Event

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Due to summer preparations, Sandy City staff will no longer be able to conduct in-home water sampling after April 1st. If you would like a water sample taken, please pick up and return your test kit at the Public Utilities building 9150 South 150 East during the hours of 7 am to 3:30 pm.


Public Notices:

February 16
February 8

To lookup your water sample test results by address, go to:

[NOTE: Results take 4-5 days to process.]


Click on the link below for a map of returned sample results:

Returned Samples Map - July 10, 2019
Returned Samples Map - May 23, 2019
Returned Samples Map - May 14, 2019
Returned Samples Map - April 2, 2019
Returned Samples Map - April 1, 2019
Returned Samples Map - March 27, 2019
Returned Samples Map - March 25, 2019
Returned Samples Map - March 19, 2019
Returned Samples Map - March 18, 2019
Returned Samples Map - March 12, 2019
Returned Samples Map - March 6, 2019
Returned Samples Map - Feb. 28, 2019
Returned Samples Map - Feb. 26, 2019
Returned Samples Map - Feb. 25, 2019
Returned Samples Map - Feb. 22, 2019


Individuals with elevated blood lead test results should consult with their health care provider to receive the treatment most appropriate for them. This may include nutritional guidance and follow-up blood lead testing at recommended intervals. Salt Lake County Health Department will contact individuals with blood lead levels above 5 μg/dL to conduct an environmental assessment to identify potential sources of lead exposure.



  • Water Testing: Sandy City Public Utilities offered no-cost water testing through April 1, 2019.

  • No-cost Blood Lead Testing: Intermountain Healthcare offered no-cost lead tests through March 8, 2019.

  • Questions?: 801-352-4400 or 801-568-7280

  • Claims: If you need to file a claim with Sandy City, please fill out this form and submit.

  • Reimbursement: All residents in the affected area (see map below) will receive a one time $25 credit on their water bill.

  • Sign Up For Emergency Alerts: Reverse 911 Sign Up and CityServe App

  • Health Information

  • Latest Updates / Q&As


February 20, 2019 Updates:


February 19, 2019 Updates:

  • Per Mayor Bradburn's commitment, all residents in the affected area will receive a $25 credit on their water bill.
  • If you received water because of water quality concerns, we encourage you to recycle water bottles.


February 18, 2019 Updates:


February 17, 2019 Evening Update:

ALL SANDY CITY WATER IS NOW SAFE TO DRINK: The No Drink Order is lifted for the area between 700 East and 2000 East and 10600 South and 11400 South. This area encompasses approximately 2,200 homes. This decision was made in consultation with the DEQ, Salt Lake County Health Department and the EPA.


February 17, 2019 Update:

Sandy City Lifts No Drink Order on 2,200 Homes


The no drink order HAS BEEN lifted.

Latest Certified Test Results (February 17, 6:00pm):


February 16, 2019 Afternoon/Evening Updates:


February 16th, 2019, 12:30pm Update:

Dear Sandy Resident,


Last week, due to a storm and resultant power outage, a fluoride pump malfunctioned at one of Sandy City’s wells near the intersection of 1700 East and Dimple Dell Lane. Initial models and resident contacts indicated fluoride entered the water system impacting approximately 50 homes. Once the city’s Public Utilities Department discovered the failed equipment on Thursday, February 7 at 2pm, they immediately closed valves to isolate the area (approximately 11026 South to 11125 South and 1850 East to 1950 East). Crews flushed the drinking water line, notified the State of Utah and the Health Department, and went door-to-door to notify and instruct customers to flush their water systems.

By that afternoon, approximately 4pm, the city’s water systems were back to normal fluoride levels. Since last week, the city has been monitoring the situation and discovered other homes outside the initial designated affected area may have also been impacted. Additionally, lab test results from last Thursday’s sample of a few homes came back yesterday indicating high levels of copper and lead. Therefore, we expanded the affected area flush order on Friday night to ensure the absolute safety of the residents. That area includes 10600 South to 11400 South and 700 East to 2000 East.

What to do now?

While we are waiting for lab results to come back please run EVERY TAP IN YOUR HOME CONCURRENTLY for a total of 60 minutes. Start with hot (for 30 minutes) followed by cold (for 30 minutes). Empty ice trays from refrigerator.  Do not drink water or cook with water until notified that results are back to safe levels.

We will continue to test water for next days, weeks and years to ensure safety. We apologize for the inconvenience and for lapses in our outreach to disseminate information.

Public notices will be forthcoming. Please check www.sandy.utah.gov/departments/public-utilities for the latest additional information and updates. We will update details as they become available. If you have additional questions, please contact the CALL CENTER, please call 801- 352-4421.


February 16, 2019 Morning Update: Sandy Update on the Fluoride, Lead and Copper Incident

To ensure absolute safety we are advising people in the affected area from 10600 South to 11400 South and 700 East to 2000 East to not drink water or use it for cooking until we receive confirmation lab results that the lead and copper concentrations are at a safe level.  

The city is in the process of arranging for bottled water to be available for people in the affected area in the event the do not drink order extends beyond today. Residents can pick up water at Fire Station 34 located at 10765 South 700 East. 

Sandy will continue to post updates to our website and send out updated advisory as information becomes available. If you have further concerns, contact Public Utilities (CALL CENTER, please call 211). 


February 15, 2019 Updates:

Live Press Conference on February 15, 2019 on Copper and Lead in the Water

Press Release issued on February 15, 2019

PU Map

February 8, 2019 Update: 

On Wednesday, February 6th and Thursday, February 7th, 2019 a few dozen homes were exposed to a high concentration of fluoride in the culinary water system. The pipes have been flushed and the water is safe to consume. If you have any questions please click on the following link: Sandy City Fluoride Notice Feb 8 2019