The garden is now open!

Come and visit us at 1472 E Sego Lily Drive (10200 S). The gates are open from 8:00am to 8:00pm Monday through Saturday and admission is free.

Our 2019 Spring Garden Fair was a success!

Our annual Spring Fair was held Saturday, May 11th from 9:00am to noon at Sego Lily Gardens. It was a perfect day to be at the garden enjoying the great outdoors while learning about plants, animals, and how medications and plastics impact water quality. Guests brought in approximately 9.6 pounds of medications to the Police drug take-back table. Now those medications won’t end up in our water system.  

Service Projects

Annually, local boy scouts, girl scouts and church groups volunteer at Sego Lily Gardens and help with maintenance and plantings. This is a great experience and benefit to all involved! If you are interested in a service project, email or call 801-568-7187.

Fun Activity for touring the garden

Print out the below two-page activity sheet and bring to Sego Lily Gardens for fun with your family:

Educational Information



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Thanks to everyone who joined us at the Fall Fair at Sego Lily Gardens
The event was held at the Garden on Saturday September 15th from 9:00 to noon. We had a great time!

Butterfly Release Saturday August, 4th

We had a fantastic Butterfly Release this morning at Sego Lily Gardens! Thank you all for joining us and special thank you to the staff who worked so hard to make it happen!

       Fun for all!

Butterfly ReleaseMonarch on rose



Sego Lily Gardens / Water Wise Landscapes Photo Album

Updated on 05/15/2019 8:42 AM

About us....

Sego Lily Gardens is an educational garden designed for the public to observe and learn how to use water conservation principles and practices to create a beautiful and water-wise landscape.

As you walk through the garden, please take time to read the interpretive signs and plant identification tags designed to help you learn about water conservation principles, practices and plants. Please stay on the paths and remember to leave plants and materials where they are for the enjoyment of future visitors.

This garden is funded and maintained by the Sandy City Public Utilities Department. It is Sandy City's hope that Sego Lily Gardens will provide inspiration and practical ideas that garden visitors will apply to create their own water-wise landscapes.


Sego Lily Gardens is located on 2.5 acres surrounding an underground water storage tank. The water tank can hold 8 million gallons of water. Judith M. Bell, Public Utilities Director, 1995-2004, conceived the idea for the Garden and it was named after Utah's state flower, the Sego Lily. In 2004, Shane Pace, Public Utilities Director, approved a renovation and revitalization of the Garden. Sego Lily Gardens is prospering as an Outdoor Classroom in Water Conservation for Sandy City residents.

The average rainfall in Utah is approximately 13-inches per year in comparison to over 30-inches on the east coast. Since we live in a desert state, we each have to be very conscientious about how much water we use inside and outside of our homes. The good news is that conservation does not mean settling for landscape without color. Xeriscaping can be very colorful and beautiful while using water wisely as you can see here by the many examples of water wise plants at Sego Lily Gardens.

By Planning and Designing your Landscape, Improving the Soil, Selecting Proper Plants, Designing Practical Turf Areas, Irrigating Efficiently, Using Mulch and Maintaining your Landscape routinely you can have a Healthy and Pleasing Landscape. Please enjoy your visit to Sego Lily Gardens!

Plein Air

This annual event was held at Sego Lily Gardens on June 9th. It was a perfect day to paint in the garden.



2017 Butterfly Release was a Success! Thank you to everyone that attended.