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Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • Can I bring my Scout Troop to a Council meeting?

  • Can I address the Council during a City Council meeting?

  • Can I watch City Council meetings from home?

  • Where can I find the agenda, minutes, and other materials from a City Council meeting?

  • How can I contact my Council Representatives?

  • How can I find out which district I belong to?

  • Where can I find information on tree trimming and/or vegetation removal?

  • Where can I get information about snow removal?

  • Where can I get information on recycling locations and acceptable items?

  • Where can I get information about concrete replacement assistance?

  • What do I do with Household Hazardous Waste?

  • Who do I call if I need a garbage can or recycle bin replaced?

  • I am a new resident and need to set up an account for water and/or garbage billing. Who do I call?

  • When is my bulk waste scheduled to be picked up?

  • How do I report I problem with a traffic signal?

  • How can I schedule a dumpster to be delivered to my home?

  • How can I dispose of my leaves in the fall or Christmas trees in the winter?