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Sandy City - A Community of Citizen Volunteers

Sandy City continues to seek volunteers who wish to help guide the City's development. The level of community and civic pride, and citizen volunteerism, truly makes the difference between a regular or ordinary community and an outstanding community.

During the Sandy Pride clean-up day, held each May, and Utah Pride Day, thousands of volunteer man hours are donated to the City.

These special Community Pride days have historically done wonders in making this City a more beautiful and pleasing community.

The City's population has exceeded 90,000. This is a result of an explosion of residential and commercial growth over the past twenty (20) years.

During the 1970's, pocket communities took shape in the Sandy area providing the services, schools, and shopping traditionally offered by a city. For many residents, particularly those who worked outside the City, this sense of civic connection extended no further than their own neighborhood or district. People felt little attachment to the City as a whole.

City and Civic leaders felt the need to pull things together, and began shaping an identity for the City with the designation of four (4) geographic quadrant communities which have since evolved into 29 neighborhood communities, and through the foundation of a number of citizen advisory committees

These committees have a very important role in advising the City Council and Mayor. A dynamic community such as Sandy faces enormous challenges in meeting the needs of its businesses and the residential needs of its citizenry.

These citizen advisory committees have contributed greatly to the development of the community and the City Administration's ability to more closely meet the desires and needs of its citizens.

Committees and other professional and citizen volunteer organizations have made real and significant contributions to the development of general and master plans and actual beautification and development projects in the City.

Examples of some of these committees' efforts include:

  1. Sandy Pride Day which is held every year in May has witnessed the donation of thousands of hours of volunteerism in cleaning and improving Sandy. This has resulted in an increased feeling of community pride and a savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars to Sandy City residents from increased costs for City employees to perform these tasks.
  2. The Recreation Trails Committee assisted in the development of the Sandy City Trails Master Plan; assisted in developing and maintaining trail heads; have educated the public on the need for maintaining public access to the Wasatch National Forest; have assisted in development of the Jordan River Trail Way, and have educated the public on the need for a trail system throughout Sandy.
  3. The Transportation Committee has assisted in the formation of a Transportation Master Plan and has helped greatly in recommendations for road improvements and transportation projects.
  4. The Public Safety Committee has worked long and hard in formulating ordinances and programs to improve police response and service to businesses and residential customers.
  5. The Beautification Committee has designed primary City Entrances/Gateways into Sandy. They have also recommended and actually overseen beautification projects on City owned properties and streets, and have conducted annual citizen beautification projects and competitions.

Our present volunteer citizen committees include:

  • Beautification Committee
  • C.D.B.G. Committee
  • Historic Committee
  • Public Safety Committee
  • Parks, Recreation & Trails Committee
  • Sandy Pride Committee
  • Transportation Committee

While some of these committees are nearly filled, vacancies occur on an ongoing basis. If you have a strong interest or expertise in any of these areas, or if you know anyone personally or professionally who does, call the Council Office at 801-568-7141 or email us. We will add your names to our list as committee openings arise.

The typical time commitment needed is one (1) evening (sometimes two (2) per month.

Application Process

Please fill out the online application, or contact the Sandy City Council Office at 801-568-7141. When you call or when we speak to you, we will invite you to complete a brief application describing your interests and background, and the committee or area and projects which are of interest to you.

Thank you for expressing an interest in volunteering to serve your City.  Together, we can make a difference!