Planning Commission

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The Sandy City Planning Commission consists of 7 regular members and 2 alternate members who are appointed by the mayor, with the advice and consent of the City Council. The Planning Commission makes a variety of decisions on diverse items of importance to the City and its residents. The following is a guide to Planning Commission Meetings.

Most of the Planning Commission meetings will be held in the City Council Chambers located on the main level of City Hall, 10000 South Centennial Parkway (170 West).

The Sandy City Planning Commission typically meets on the first and third Thursdays of each month with meetings beginning at 6:00 p.m., however check the current agenda for actual dates and start times.

Contact Information

The Sandy City Planning Commission Office is located at City Hall within the Community Development Department. The actual address is:

Sandy City Planning Commission
Community Development Department
10000 Centennial Parkway
Sandy, UT 84070-4148
Phone: 801-568-7256 Fax: 801-568-7278

Or you may contact City staff by email:

Information and comments specific to a Planning Commission agenda item should be sent to the attention of Raima Tobler-Fleming for prompt distribution to the members of the Planning Commission.

Commission Members

The Sandy City Planning Commission consists of 7 regular members and 2 alternate members who are appointed by the mayor, with the advice and consent of the City Council. The alternate members attend all meetings, and can participate in the discussion but do not vote unless sitting in for an absent regular member.

Regular Members:

  • Joe Baker
  • Dave Bromley
  • Monica Collard
  • Ron Mortimer
  • Cyndi Sharkey
  • Cory Shupe
  • Jamie Tsandes

Alternate Members:

  • Michael Christopherson
  • Jeff Lovell

Planning Commission Agenda and Packet


To view the most recent agenda packet please click the link below:

Additional Information

Public Hearing Process

Citizen Participation Citizen input into the planning process is very important and the Planning Commission makes every effort to encourage meaningful participation. Comments are also encouraged from neighborhood associations and individuals. The Planning Commission is appreciative of the time required for everyone to participate and tries to reduce the time required and maximize opportunities for input.

If you have questions or comments concerning a proposal, you may attend the Planning Commission Meeting in which the item will be discussed. You may also contact City staff and have your comments forwarded to the Planning Commission. Speakers must address only the determinations or criteria the Commission must consider, limit comments to 5 minutes and avoid repeating comments. Public hearings are held on some issues.

The public hearing process is as follows:

  • Staff presentation
  • Commission members ask questions to Staff
  • Applicant's presentation
  • Commission members ask questions to applicant
  • Public Hearing opened by Chair
  • Comments from Public
  • Public Hearing closed
  • Commission deliberation

The process will be similar for items that are not official public hearings.

If there has been public input on a case and it has been tabled, the Commission will not accept additional public comment. However, members of the Commission may ask questions of various people in order to clarify information.

After the meeting, the Secretary will issue a Planning Commission Decision Memorandum to the applicant for each case. The Memorandum will explain the Commission's decision and the next steps in the process.

Questions regarding meeting times and procedures should be directed to Planning Commission Secretary Raima Tobler-Fleming. She can be reached directly at (801) 568-7256 or